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How Many Hours Does It Take To Put On A New Roof?

Nov 12

We get asked a lot about the time it will take to finish my roof project.

Roof Replacement

Several factors affect this. The complexity of the roof is one. Is it a simple roof with dormers and roof faces? Or is it more complex? It will depend on how complicated the top is but usually estimated that a roofing project should take between one and two days.

Sometimes our work depends on the weather. Sometimes we have to stop work for an entire day or more if it rains or is predicted to rain. In those cases, our goal is to ensure that the roof is leak-free no matter what stage it is. You don't need to worry about leaks even if the project isn't finished.

Roof Repair

If someone contacts Wexford Pa Roofers to request a repair and wants to stop a potential leak and not looking for a replacement for it, we will respond quickly, usually within one day or two days. We go out and try to stop the leak the first time we visit.

The repair specialist will arrive with all the tools and supplies necessary to stop most leaks. Access to the attic is usually a requirement. It is essential because we will be able to access the roof and roof surface to find out where the leak is. Water can sometimes travel quite a long distance before it dries down. It's helpful to see the water in the attic.

It usually takes a couple of hours to complete something like this. If it's straightforward, it may take less than an hour. Achieving a more complicated job could take two, three, or four hours. A leak stop service visit will rarely take longer than half an hour. Contact Steadfast Roofing today for installing your new roof.