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Exterior Shades Charlotte NC

Dec 3

If you're looking to get some new exterior shades for your home in Charlotte, NC, you'll want to check out the selection at Carolina Exterior Shades. We carry a wide range of products that are sure to suit your needs, whether you're looking for something to keep the sun out of your eyes while you're working in the yard or you need to block out the bright light from your neighbor's house. No matter your needs, we're sure to have the perfect solution for you.


We also offer blinds and shutters if you're looking for something a little more permanent. These products are designed to block the sun and can be installed on your windows or doors. We carry a variety of styles and colors, so you're sure to find the perfect look for your home.


Do You Need Exterior Roller Shades?


Do you enjoy spending time outside but detest the bothersome bugs? Perhaps you don't mind insects, but you might use a little UV protection. With the help of our outside roller blinds, you can spend time outside without sacrificing comfort or the advantages of being outdoors. With our premium patio shade systems, you get


  • Weather Safety
  • Climate Regulation
  • Protection Against Invasive UV Rays
  • Insect Defense
  • Extra Privacy


Outside of all the advantages of the outdoors, exterior roller shades can also lower energy costs and glares. In addition, if your patio is directly adjacent to your home, the shades protect your home and the patio space.


The Advantages of Exterior Shades


It seems like yesterday when you wished for the summer's milder weather and longer daylight hours. You discover, however, that it is either too hot or too bright to go outside now that they have arrived. You have put drapes and roman blinds inside your house, and they do provide shade and help to keep the rooms cool. However, have you ever thought about putting a window covering outside your window? Outdoor solar blinds or exterior shades are nothing new. They're a rather typical element in houses.




The fear that installing external shades will lessen the appeal of their home is arguably the most frequent reason for not doing so. But the reverse is true. Exterior blinds can be adjusted. They could match the exterior or inside of your property, blending in rather than striking out. On the other hand, you can customize your shades to add a little decorative flair to the exterior of your home if you're seeking a window covering that will stand out. You are free to choose either course of action. The appeal of external shades is found in this.


Enhances Your Vision


The elegance of your window's shape and design is evident inside your home when window coverings are placed on the exterior of your property. Additionally, there is no longer anything blocking your view of the outside. You and your guests will now be able to see any significant artwork hanging on your walls or the intricate woodwork surrounding your windows unimpeded. Due to the installation of brackets, rods, and tie-backs, draperies and blinds also occupy space on your walls and leave wall marks. Exterior blinds provide an easy way to customize window protection without sacrificing personal preference.


Regulates Temperature


No matter what name you give them, sun shades, solar blinds, solar shade screens, or outdoor window coverings, they all work to lower the temperature inside your house. According to research, an outside shade often lowers a room's temperature by about 20 degrees compared to one without a window covering. In addition, before it even reaches the surfaces of your windows, exterior coverings may block 95% of solar heat. In contrast, outside blinds better control indoor temperatures in the winter so that the heat stays inside the house.


Block UV rays' Effects


The summer sun's rays can be dangerous and have a powerful heating effect. A home's outside can be covered with external blinds to block the sun's UV rays. However, sunlight enters through your windows. In a room without blinds, the sun's intense light can cause a once-navy-blue sofa to turn light blue in a few months. The same thing may occur if you install outdoor blinds around your patio or pergola. You are preventing sun decay on your outdoor furniture. This is how patio furniture looks after exposure to the sun without any protection.


Making a Few Shades


These are merely a few advantages of installing outdoor blinds. Other benefits can include lessening noise pollution or gaining more privacy. However, once you install them on your own home or patio, you will be able to completely understand and appreciate the benefits of this sort of window covering. You will then be able to enjoy the summer's natural beauty and the sunlight fully.


No matter your needs, we're sure to have the perfect solution for you. So come check out our selection today and see why Carolina Exterior Shades is the best place to shop for all your exterior shading needs.