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Home Renovations - Add Value to Your Home Without Spending a Fortune

Jul 28

If you're fed up with peeling paint or scuffed floors, renovating your home is an option. But you'll want to do your homework first. Depending on your city or state, some renovations require a permit.

Remodeling is a major change to a living area that can increase your home's value. It usually involves demolishing existing elements and replacing them with new ones.


Homeowners may renovate their homes to improve the functionality or beauty of a living space. They can also add value by completing projects that will recoup most of their cost upon selling.

Minor renovations, such as repainting and refacing cabinets, are examples of upgrades. However, if a kitchen or bathroom is outdated, it may be time to replace appliances and fixtures.

Generally speaking, renovations are less expensive than remodeling, which requires tearing down walls and ceilings to make structural changes. However, homeowners should be careful not to overdo the improvements and go over budget. They should consider their neighbors’ homes to avoid making upgrades that might scare off potential buyers. They should also stay away from incorporating bold design choices, as they won’t appeal to the majority of buyers.


The renovation process creates a lot of dust that can settle on surfaces and furniture. This dust can cause respiratory problems for you and your family members if left unaddressed. Deep cleaning after home renovation removes lingering dust particles, improving air quality and making your home healthy to live in again.

A clean house can help you feel relaxed and at ease after a long day, especially after renovations. You can keep your house clean during the renovations by sealing closet doors, using a HEPA vacuum cleaner, washing and changing linens frequently, and placing house plants to absorb pollutants and odors.

You can also hire professional cleaning services to help you with the cleanup process. They use advanced techniques to make your home sparkling clean after the renovation work.


Bathroom Renovations Geelong can be as simple as repainting a kitchen or refacing cabinets, or they can involve structural rebuilding. Repainting and installing new light fixtures fall under the heading of renovating, as do refinishing wood floors and replacing doors. However, remodeling is more involved and usually involves changing the original design. For example, if your kitchen sink faucet is located in a wall where it freezes every winter because water supply lines are in exterior walls and haven't been properly insulated, remodeling will likely be required. It may also be necessary to address poor design, especially if you're dealing with an older home that predates strict building codes.

Renovations are a major undertaking and can require significant disruption to your daily routine. It's important to carefully plan and execute your project so it stays on schedule and budget.


During home renovations, you will likely need to shut off water, electricity and access to certain areas of the house. You should make arrangements for this in advance. This might mean staying elsewhere, buying food in and cooking at restaurants or renting a temporary apartment or room.

During home renovations, you may uncover outdated or broken plumbing, which can lead to flooding, sewer backups and other costly issues. It’s best to have an inspector check the plumbing during renovations, especially if you live in an older home with clay pipes. Also, be sure to have the proper homeowners insurance in place so that you don’t need to file a claim due to unexpected damage.


Home renovations can help increase your property value, but it's important to consider the resale value of your home before embarking on any major improvements. The least expensive changes often add the most value, such as repainting and refacing cabinets, adding storage spaces, installing new light fixtures and removing outdated features.

Bathrooms are another top area for value addition, with master bathrooms delivering the highest percentage of recoupable expenses when it comes time to sell. Adding an extra bathroom, converting an attic or basement and creating more living space outdoors are also great ways to boost your home's value.

Be wary of luxuries, though. Crown molding and high-end countertops are a nice touch, but they won't get you much of a higher selling price.